Shingles Vaccine

Two Vaccine Series

Over 99% of Americans over 40 years old are at risk of getting shingles. Shingles is a viral infection that causes a very painful rash on the skin. It is typically described as a tingling or burning sensation. It is not life threatening, however it is quite painful and can last many weeks in a row. Previously, Zostavax was the only option to prevent shingles. It was only up to 67% effective at decreasing risk of getting shingles. There is a new vaccine available called Shingrix that decreases risk of getting shingles by over 90%. That’s a big improvement! Whether or not you received Zostavax previously, the CDC recommends that you get the Shingrix series to increase your protection. Shingrix is given in two separate vaccines spaced a number of months apart. Come by your local Hi-School Pharmacy to make sure you have the best protection available from shingles!

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