Shingles Vaccine

Two Vaccine Series

Over 99% of Americans over 40 years old are at risk of getting shingles. Shingles is a viral infection that causes a very painful rash on the skin. It is typically described as a tingling or burning sensation. It is not life-threatening, however, it is quite painful and can last many weeks in a row. Previously, Zostavax was the only option to prevent shingles. It was only up to 67% effective at decreasing the risk of getting shingles. There is a new vaccine available called Shingrix that decreases the risk of getting shingles by over 90%. That’s a big improvement! Whether or not you received Zostavax previously, the CDC recommends that you get the Shingrix series to increase your protection. Shingrix is given in two separate vaccines. The Shingrix second dose needs to be given between 2-6 months after the first dosage.

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